The Border's leading European Automotive specialists

so, you want a european car?

Here are a couple of points before you make the big purchase!

Before deciding what manufacturer, model and engine configuration suits you, first you must explore what type of owner and buyer you are.

- Do you buy new, and update every three to five years, or seven to ten? 

- Do you buy used? Three years old? Five years old? Ten years old?

The answers to the above questions will dictate what you should (or shouldn't) buy.

If you buy a new or demonstrator vehicle, travel less than 20,000kms a year and update your vehicle every three to five years, then through advancing technology and higher levels of quality almost all new cars should give you five years and/or 100,000kms of trouble free motoring (with some exceptions).

If you buy a new or demonstrator vehicle but plan to own it for more than five  years, then there is a great deal more to think about to ensure trouble free motoring. Unfortunately, a particular brand does not automatically result in long term reliability, and each model needs to be judged on merit. From there, the manufacturer can be judged on its attitude towards their customers , if a large issue becomes apparent with the model/series.  

As a customer of Border BM, you pay us to do what is best for you, and this includes offering advice before purchasing your next dream car. Before going any further, please consult with us, and we can give you our professional opinion on the series and model you have fallen in love with. A bad car is much more than just a bad car - it's uncomfortable, inconvenient, expensive, and potentially puts you and your family at risk.